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Absolutely! Not only can we give you the audio file that you need for the mixdown in your project, we can give you the full score. In the event you want more than the provided sampled soundtrack, you'll have a fully notated score. This gives you the freedom to have musicians from your favorite orchestra record the music in full sonic detail. 

Yes. Mode Productions assures you that every piece of music or audio that we generate is completely free of copyright issues. You will recieve a copyright release so you won't run into any issues. 

Again, yes yes yes! You can consider Mode Productions your one stop shop for all audio production needs.

NO. Sorry, but there are way too many headaches involved in this process. We assume that if you have music you want to obtain a license to use, you understand the legalities in doing so. We only write and work with orignal tracks. (If you can show ownership of said intelectual property, we'll happily work with that.)

No. Not at this time. If you are interested an artist interested in co-writing or publishing your music with Mode Productions please let us know in the contact form below. PS. We will absolutely write your track for any genre of music you work in. Let us know how we can help below.

That's a great question. You are free to contact us and let us understand the scope of your project so we can come up with a solution that works for everyone. Otherwise use your favorite game production software and look through the marketplace to find Mode Productions and the assets that are available there. Keep in mind that those assets are more generic and not exclusive, however they will provide a great starting point for the independent game company.

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